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Six ways marketers can accelerate buyer decisions

By Diana Tucker | January 26, 2021
The world seemed to grind to a halt in 2020. Face to face meetings and events were cancelled, we had to conduct meetings over Zoom and find new ways to reach potential buyers […]

How marketers can speed up B2B buying decisions

By Virginia Bray | January 06, 2021
  As consumers we all essentially want the same thing: whether its a new phone or a new car - we want to make a good purchase decision (one that we don't live to regret!) at […]

From uncertainty to opportunity: 7 tips to help you stay on course

By Lisa Simmons | May 06, 2020
During uncertain times, things can feel overwhelming. With new pressures, such as balancing altered work and home life, it’s important to help keep your team healthy, both […]

Meet the MF team - Emma French

By Catherine Jones | April 27, 2020
Name Emma French Official Job Title Marketing and Design Creative But what do you actually do? My work covers a really broad spectrum. At the moment, branding is a large part […]

Meet the MF Team - Fionna Naismith

By Catherine Jones | March 17, 2020
Official Job Title Project manager But what do you actually do? I’m best described as the one who makes stuff happen. I take projects from start to finish, managing all the […]

B2B Buyers not returning your calls? Here's why

By Virginia Bray | January 16, 2020
The challenge for B2B Sellers Poor pipeline visibility is a real challenge for technology sellers. Your prospect suddenly starts ‘ghosting’ you – not returning calls or […]

Meet the MF Team - Lisa Simmons

By Catherine Jones | November 04, 2019
Official Job Title Content Writer But what do you actually do? If it needs copy, it comes to me! From emails, brochures and web content to case studies and blogs – I really […]

We're growing!

By Diana Tucker | October 29, 2019
We're looking for a creative graphic designer to join our team on a part-time basis. Could you be the person we're looking for?  We'd love to hear from you if you've got a […]

How can we help B2B Buyers to Buy?

By Virginia Bray | October 03, 2019
B2B sales and marketing take note -  your buyers need help! B2B buying as we know it has changed radically in the past five years. Rapid technology change gives buyers more […]
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