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What could inbound mean for your marketing? [infographic]

Marketing is all about trial and error. But if you’re experimenting in the wrong direction, you’ll face an uphill battle to success. 

Yet, the Inbound methodology has proved successful for marketers and their businesses time and time again.

So, where’s the proof? 

HubSpot produce the State of Inbound report every year, and every year the evidence grows to support Inbound marketing. We’ve pulled together some of our favourite statistics and facts from this year’s report into a handy infographic that shows what inbound can do for your business.

Please feel free to download the infographic and use it in your marketing. There’s no form to fill in – just click to download. All we ask is that you mention #MarketingFusion if you use it anywhere.

MF Inbound Marketing Infographic


 Take a look at our B2B Inbound resource hub for more resources and information!

About the Author: Jade Cottrell

Jade Cottrell

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