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From uncertainty to opportunity: 7 tips to help you stay on course

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During uncertain times, things can feel overwhelming. With new pressures, such as balancing altered work and home life, it’s important to help keep your team healthy, both mentally and physically. Here at Marketing Fusion, where we craft thoughtful and highly effective content-led marketing campaigns on a daily basis, we’re here to guide you through 7 powerful business actions you can take to handle uncertain times with positivity and care.

Step 1: Unite the team and work together in changing times

When faced with adversity, your team is the strongest weapon you have. Team unity is the foundation upon which all other actions stand. Unity involves connecting every single member of the team with a common purpose, set of values and goals. Only by involving everyone will you be able to cultivate new ideas and strategies that could make the difference between success and failure. Giving everyone a voice and a part to play will ensure a happier ending.

Step 2: Stay positive when things get tough

One way to keep your team calm and on track is to continue to celebrate successes, however big or small. Be empathetic and sensitive to others – every member of your team will be dealing with their own unique challenges that are dependent on their particular circumstances. Be mindful of this and offer praise, encouragement and rewards where you think it might help. Don’t forget to look after your own mental health – your team will be depending on you now more than ever.

Step 3: A time to reflect and be open to change

Now you’ve addressed the most important thing – keeping everyone safe and well – it’s time to take a look at how you do things. A crisis can shine a light on the cracks in your processes, revealing any shortcomings or blockages. Make a list of things you could do differently and create teams to deploy the changes. When things are bad it’s important to keep one eye on the future. How will things change? What will the new emerging market look like? What changes do you need to make to adapt? If you can make these changes, your business could emerge stronger than ever.

Step 4: Solve today’s challenges to meet tomorrow’s goals

It’s difficult to believe how much – and how quickly –  things can change. The challenges you face today are different to those of last year, last month and even last week.  Focusing on the bigger picture is always crucial for your business, but now is the time to prioritise on the here and now. What can you do now to make things easier? Where will this lead you in the future? Think of today as a springboard to a different – but perhaps even stronger – future.

Step 5: Invest in your team and add value to your business

Although a lot of your time and energy will be taken up by dealing with the here and now, there is an opportunity to strengthen your development program by making the most of online training. By bolstering your team’s capabilities, you can help them feel positive about the future and give your business more muscle to face fresh business challenges.

Step 6: Make good decisions – don’t panic!

Whatever you do, don’t react. Keep your head high, your hands steady and take a breath. A crisis is an opportunity to re-evaluate what exactly has happened and to work out what action is needed, and crucially, when. Re-evaluate frequently and update as needed. Don’t jump in with two feet trying to put all the fires out at once. Save your water for the most vociferous flames, take direct aim and above all, keep going.

Step 7: Stay visible – don’t disappear from view

Customers are the most important part of your business when the going is good, and they’re still the most important people when the going gets bad. What do your customers need from you? Reassurance? Honesty? Advice? Of course. But more than anything the answer is just to stay in touch and be ready to support them with their challenges. If in doubt, remember communicate, communicate, communicate!

Which is where the team at Marketing Fusion can help.

By Lisa Simmons | May 06, 2020 | B2B, marketing | 0 Comments

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