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3 tips for how to get started with buyer personas

We’ve already posted about segmentation and A/B testing of your email campaigns to help increase your conversion rates, but we haven’t talked about personas. This is the next piece in the puzzle that helps to make email marketing successful (and appealing).

Marketers these days are under so much pressure to deliver multiple campaigns, with several layers of content and communication, that it’s often difficult to take a step back and look who we’re aiming at. We’re not talking about a vague ‘business title’ or target sector – those days are long gone. We’re talking about a much deeper understanding of our target audience.

Here are our recommendations for developing audience personas in your business.

1) Paint a picture. Rather than thinking about your target audiences as IT director or CFO, think about the person behind the title. Imagine an example customer and give that person a name. Beyond that, what age would you expect them to be? What’s their personality type? What are their interests, concerns, dislikes and likes? What type of company do they work for? Now you have a rich picture of what motivates that person both inside and outside of work.

2) Don’t limit yourself. Think about your existing customers –how do they fit with your defined personas? Get the sales team involved in working out who you REALLY sell to and who your influences are within your target prospects. Then create personas for those target groups – you’ll be marketing to all of them. Each has a different set of interests, areas of concern, areas of influence, likes and dislikes.

3) Prioritise. Now you have multiple personas to target, it’s time to prioritise which ones you’ll invest more time, money and energy marketing to. If Joe Bloggs is an IT director who doesn’t read blogs (no pun intended), and doesn’t do ‘digital’, is he a priority for your content campaign? Or does he require a different approach?

Why is it important?

If you’re adopting a content marketing strategy for your business, personas are part and parcel of that strategy – or should be. Without an understanding of your target audience – what they like, what motivates them and how they consume content – your marketing efforts will simply not deliver the returns that you hope.

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Diana Tucker

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