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The one about open rates and clicks

This one goes out to all you marketers currently experiencing a decrease in the number of email opens.

We know it’s frustrating to have your emails ignored, but there are a few things that you need to check before you start ripping up your content calendar and starting again.

Stepping back and looking at the bigger picture is what you need to do to, but rarely have time to do. We can give you our top tips to improve your email open rate, and we can recommend how to drive click throughs, but – and it’s a pretty big BUT – it won’t count for much if opens and clicks are the only metrics you look at. The bigger question is, where do your emails sit in your larger plan? (If you haven’t got a plan, you need to read this: In which everything changes…and stays the same).

What other email metrics do you track? What other channels are you using for distributing your content and how are they performing? What about your website analytics?

So, if you find yourself just looking at email clicks and opens, it’s time to take a step back.

Not everyone is the same

Let’s start by looking at your content calendar and how you view your prospect pool. Are you sending the same email to all of the contacts in your database, without looking at where they are in the buyer journey? Just because you’ve got some awesome new content as part of a new campaign, it doesn’t mean it’s relevant to everyone in your database. If you batch and blast, your open rates will absolutely decrease time and time again.

Instead, look at your database and start putting people into different groups – think about the buyer journey and how your prospects have engaged with you so far. But also think differently about the content you’re producing. If the content you sent in Q1 got high open rates and downloads, ask yourself whether your Q2 campaign helps to progress those people through the buyer journey with new, interesting, engaging content. If you are just producing the same types of content again and again, you’re effectively sending prospects back to the start of the buyer journey each time.


Make content relevant, personal and targeted

We need to avoid this ‘snakes and ladders’ effect at all costs. Your buyers may meander around on their journey – going forwards, backwards and even sideways – but it’s your job to make sure relevant content is available at each step.

Your content needs to speak to the needs of your buyer personas. So, if you haven’t looked at your personas recently to see what they read, how they consume content and the keywords they are searching on, you need to rethink your strategy.

But, luckily, all is not lost. Our ebook has some great advice for you. And, if all else fails, call us. We can help sort out your personas, your buyer journey, and give you a kick-ass content strategy to help you win.

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Diana Tucker

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