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Meet the MF team - Nora Dhanjal



Official Job Title

Account Manager

But what do you actually do?

I project manage a broad range of different marketing campaigns. Day-to-day this could mean developing a campaign, providing updates to clients or reviewing various campaign assets. We are always busy and no two days are the same!

So if you could write an alternative job title that really describes what you do…

Marketing Project Manager

Tell us a bit about your background

I am originally from Finland and came to the UK to study at university. After graduation, I found a role at an agency requiring a Finnish speaker and worked my way up from there.

What have been your career highlights so far?

There have been many highlights! It is always great to receive personal recognition or good customer feedback - it makes the job worthwhile and keeps me wanting to push for more!

Favourite client project so far and why?

One client who springs to mind is a company who operate in retail and display technology. They came to us wanting to extend their international success and drive growth in the UK. We worked very closely with their small corporate team and as a result the company successfully raised its profile, extended social reach and established a healthy pipeline of opportunities.

What exciting projects do you have coming up?

The team are all excited to be working on a large client project for which we are developing new, innovative assets and ideas. We are keen to create these new types of assets to be at the forefront of marketing trends, rather than sticking to tried and tested methods. We are always trying to innovate, learn and develop.

What qualities do you bring to the Marketing Fusion team?

I have a great deal of experience behind me, and I am process-orientated. I am a committed, reliable and generally unflappable team member!

Favourite tools of the trade?

We have recently started using a project management tool called Team Work. It provides a central place where all current work is listed. Everyone updates their individual progress, so there is a clear overview of each project. It sends out emails with deadlines every morning, helping us all to manage our workload effectively.

What makes Marketing Fusion stand out from the crowd?

Integrity is at the core of Marketing Fusion. We really go the extra mile for our clients, often going over and above to ensure we deliver the outcomes they need.

Describe Marketing Fusion in a 5-word sentence

Friendly and innovative team players.

If you could take Marketing Fusion on a team building day, where would you go?

I would take them to the Crystal Maze Live Experience. It has a combination of mental and physical tasks to really test us as a team. I think it would be great fun and have something for everyone!


About the Author: Catherine Jones

Catherine Jones

Catherine Jones is a freelance copywriter. From her base on the UK’s sunny south coast, she helps businesses find their unique voice with creative and compelling copy.

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