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Meet the MF team - Jade Cottrell



Official title

Account Executive

But what do you actually do?

I get involved in pretty much all of our projects, doing a whole range of tasks. That might be research, copywriting, editing, scriptwriting, project management - you name it, I’m on it. I really enjoy the variety of my work and learning new skills.

So if you could write an alternative job title that really describes what you do…

Chief Organiser and Storyteller

Tell us a bit about your background

At first I didn’t have any specific career goals in the field of marketing, but through the various jobs I have held, I’ve discovered a real passion for it. After A Levels, my first job was as a social media and marketing assistant and I progressed from there. I worked in posts where the job description wasn’t specifically in marketing, but had elements of marketing as part of the role, so I was able to gain experience that way. Now Marketing Fusion is helping me to develop as a marketing professional and I love it.

What have been your career highlights so far?

The team seem to think I have a natural ability to write video scripts! It all came about because we had a project where the client wanted us to write and produce four product videos. I was given a whole heap of resources and asked to make 4 scripts. The client loved them and there were hardly any edits required. It was one of the first projects I’d followed through fairly independently and it was really rewarding.

Favourite client project and why?

My favourite project was actually a Marketing Fusion internal project, but it was a huge highlight for me. The team put me in charge of our Christmas campaign as I am a Christmas addict! I got creative with an Instagram advent calendar packed full of festive images like hot chocolate, mince pies, mulled wine and decorations. I also produced a Christmas quiz for our website and created an email campaign to encourage our clients to get involved. We had 20 participants, several of whom were sent chocolates as a prize. I just love Christmas and was so proud of being able to run the project by myself.

What exciting projects do you have coming up?

We have 3 or 4 projects for the same company right now, so it’s a really big piece of work for the whole team, with many different elements. One which I’m particularly enjoying being involved with is this very cool conversational asset - a bit like a digital flip-book. We’re also making animations and ebooks, and it’s fascinating to see all of these different pieces coming together to form the puzzle. It’s going to be a great campaign.

What qualities do you bring to the Marketing Fusion team?

I like to think of myself as a determined person as I really enjoy taking on the challenge of learning something new and making it work. I’m very, very organised (love a to-do list!), enthusiastic about work and quite opinionated. Overall I’m always happy to help and support the team to get things done.

Favourite tools of the trade?

I really like organisational tools. Teamwork is favourite of mine, it’s an online project management tool where you can create to-do lists, assign tasks to people, plan projects, track progress and best of all it nags you when things are late – very motivating! HubSpot is useful as it brings all of your marketing campaigns, including social media, blogs, and website together in one place and gives you a great overview.

What makes Marketing Fusion stand out from the crowd?

Firstly, our relationships with our clients. We really pride ourselves on this and work hard to create lasting partnerships. We will offer advice or share expertise even outside of our remit, just to support our clients. Secondly, our ability to adapt and learn – even if a concept is new to us, we will put in the time to research and try wherever possible to deliver, although in the rare cases where we can’t fulfil a request, we will still support and advise clients as an extension of their own team.

Describe Marketing Fusion in a 5-word sentence

The best in the business!

If you could take Marketing Fusion on a team building day, where would you go?

I’ve put some serious thought into this, and I really think we should go to Thorpe Park, because even though our team might think they prefer a spa day, I know that crazy rollercoaster rides would be great for team bonding. Everyone needs to come out of their comfort zone sometimes and people bond through shared adversity!

How will you be spending your next day off?

I’m going to a golf driving range with some friends. It’s a driving range with a difference though – the balls are smart so you can track your score and beat your friends. It’s great fun and I get highly competitive.

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I have a very clear vision - we did a work trip to see Mamma Mia 2 at the cinema and I think it would make the perfect float. I can see it now - the stage set and all of us in Abba costumes dancing and singing along to the music. We’d definitely win best float!

About the Author: Catherine Jones

Catherine Jones

Catherine Jones is a freelance copywriter. From her base on the UK’s sunny south coast, she helps businesses find their unique voice with creative and compelling copy.

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