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H2 pressure - are you feeling the heat?

It’s that time again.  Summer is here, team holidays are in full swing and your already tight marketing resources are being stretched to the max.

And with year-end looming (August already  – how did that happen?) the pressure from the business to ramp up programmes to fill the funnel can be intense.

If you’ve got everything under control – well done!  Give yourself a pat on the back and get your toes up on that sunbed quick smart.

If you’re still working on plans and programmes to drive H2 pipeline and trying to think strategically whilst covering the bases for absent team members, here are a few ideas to help you keep your sanity AND maintain momentum.

1)     Think outside the marketing box

If the usual suspects aren’t available to help - who else can you turn to for marketing contributions?  Support may be available in places you haven’t looked at before.  Need a blog writing? Ask one of the technical team to document their recent client experiences.  Draft some questions for one of your senior execs to answer over email and turn it into a Q&A blog. Looking for a bigger content piece to build a campaign around?  Get 10 customers to answer the same question and pull the answers together as an eBook. Or ask them to video themselves answering the question. Credibility AND insight in one package.

2)     Ask your agencies

Need ideas?  Talk to your favourite agency. They are generally happy to bounce ideas around as well as responding to briefs – in fact they are likely to relish the opportunity to get involved in the thought process as well as the execution.  And they may bring fresh ideas about what works from their experiences with other organisations.  Outsourced content writing is another key way to extend your bandwidth and can be great complement to your in-house capabilities.

3)     Re-invent the wheel

It might sound obvious but one of the simplest ideas is to take a programme that’s worked well before and give it a makeover.  Refresh and re-imagine content that’s worked well – and give it a summer 2015 update.  Use a campaign format that’s been effective – but change the message and call to action.

4)     Nurture ‘forgotten’ leads

If you’ve spent big chunks of your budget in the first half – attending events and running programmes, chances are that the cream of the lead crop will have been picked up by the sales team, but others will have been left to languish.  For a quick win build a nurture programme to re-engage, feeding content relevant to the information you have captured.

5)     Review your plans from the start of the year

Chances are when you sat down to think about 2015 you may have had a little more breathing space and focus on the big picture.  Where are you against those plans?  No doubt things have slipped in the past 6 months. Be ruthless – ditch whatever is no longer relevant. And assuming that your business hasn’t fundamentally changed since January, there may be some ideas that could be ripe for development.

Summer months can feel frustratingly slow – but conversely many people love a holiday buzz – so strike while the sun’s hot and get cooperation from some unusual sources.

The golden rule however is to ensure that all the initiatives you launch are working towards the greater good. Your company’s business goals.  Otherwise you’ll be wasting your time and might as well kick back with a cocktail and a summer blockbuster.

About the Author: Virginia Bray

Virginia Bray

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