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What would you do with an extra 10 minutes each day?

Marketing hacks that save you time

We’ve seen plenty of articles offering tips to make your working day more productive. Whether that’s keeping Wednesday free of meetings, setting aside dedicated time each day to respond to emails, or using project management tools to organise your task list, these tips apply to any job in any industry. But we work in marketing, and we know a bit about the challenges you face in a busy marketing team. So here are our 5 of our top 10 hacks that we think can make a difference to your workload. Check with our blog for Part 2 and 5 more marketing hacks.

1. Never shortcut the briefing process

You may think that the time it takes to formally draft a brief is wasted, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. When you trust work to an outside supplier, you are doing so because you need specialist help — and because you simply don’t have the time to do everything yourself. But if you don’t take the time to properly formulate your thoughts, explain your objectives and provide the business context, you will be disappointed with the results. Your suppliers may miss the mark in delivery, which results in costly rework and project delays. This can often be avoided by providing a fully developed brief at the outset.

2. Always anticipate legal review

It’s worth asking at the start of every project, “Will legal need to review this?” The last thing you need on the day before your campaign goes live is to have someone put the breaks on because legal have not seen the content. Even if your campaign doesn’t include a competition or a special promotion, don’t make any assumptions. By checking in the early stages of your planning, you can build in some extra contingency in your delivery timelines to allow for review, updates and final legal approval — if you need it.

3. Don’t reinvent the wheel

The good news about marketing content — good marketing content — is that it provides great value for money. It’s infinitely reusable, with some small tweaks and adjustments. You can adapt a single piece of content into separate chapters and deliver it as a series. You can deliver the same content in many different formats: as a video, ebook, webinar, blog post, infographic or an article. You can promote it via multiple channels, both paid and unpaid, to extend its reach. So if you feel that your lead gen machine is stalling and you don’t know what to do, go back to your old content and look to re-use it in new ways.

4. Go back to pen and paper

If you are struggling to get your thoughts out in a coherent way in a document, go back to pen and paper. Our brains are all wired differently, but we often find that the exercise of ‘dumping’ your thoughts onto an empty piece of paper can help you to see connections, build a story and get things straight in your head. It’s not about throwing tech away — but sometimes old school methods work really well.

5. Expand your marketing toolbox

Make sure you have a Plan B in mind and are ready to respond to the unforeseen. This means making the most of all the marketing tools and resources at your disposal, both internal and external. Keep your agencies in the loop with campaign progress so they can be responsive to any requests you may have. And don’t be afraid to experiment with new tactics, channels and content formats — you will need to try lots of different variations in order to find out what performs best for your budget.

While some of these marketing hacks may sound like they will take more of your time rather than less, we believe these recommendations will help you avoid costly mistakes in marketing campaign delivery in the long run. If your own 'marketing hacks' differ, share them with us.

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Diana Tucker

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