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Marketing Hacks - Part 2

Marketing hacks that save you time

In our earlier post What would you do with an extra 10 minutes each day? we gave you 5 of our top 10 marketing hacks. As promised, here are the remaining 5. If you're happy to share, do let us know what your favourite marketing hacks are (link below).

6. Delegate to your trusted agency

It’s ok to expect more from your suppliers. If you need your agency to project manage elements of your campaign for you, ask. A good agency is a trusted partner that you can rely on to get the job done and keep you updated at all times. Set your expectations up front and benefit from an extra pair of hands in your team.

7. Be careful with version control

Whatever your system for filing copy, artwork, project plans, presentations and reports, be disciplined with it. You never know when you will need to go back and find an older version of something. You’ll save yourself time and will avoid a good deal of panic if you can lay your hands on it easily.

8. Keep moving

When you feel unproductive, that’s the perfect time to walk away from your desk. There is little point in pushing yourself if the ideas are just not flowing – you’ll only get more frustrated at your lack of progress. By physically moving and focusing on another task, you let your brain continue working on the original challenge in the background. When you come back to your desk, it’s with fresh eyes and a different perspective.

9. Book some holiday

If you know you have a big deadline but struggle to keep your time free to focus on delivery, plan a ‘day off’. Book a day of holiday in your calendar – then work from home on that day. No one will book any meetings with you, so you can focus all your attention where you need it. But we definitely only recommend doing this with your manager’s blessing.

10. Don’t rush to reply

Email is renowned as being one of the biggest distractions in the working day. Too often we get sidetracked by a new message and break away from what we were doing in order to respond. But rushing to reply may cause more problems that it solves if you forget to share important information that delays progress, or get your wires crossed with someone. Instead, take the time to draft your email replies, double check them and then send. And when you really need to concentrate, just log out of email completely.

While some of these marketing hacks may sound like they will take more of your time rather than less, we believe these recommendations will help you avoid costly mistakes in marketing campaign delivery in the long run. Let us know what you find!

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Diana Tucker

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