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How often should you blog and Tweet?

 How often to blog or Tweet?

How to find your marketing rhythm

For many B2B tech businesses, social media marketing is that thing you fit in as and when you can, or when the lead pool runs dry. One month you’ll give it a real focus, attending an event or launching a new product and then nothing happens for three months when things get busy.

So, what should you be doing and how often should you blog and tweet? There’s no right answer, but the following is a recommendation for a half decent start point.


Manage your social media. 

Check relevant channels like LinkedIn and Twitter – what are your contacts doing and saying?  Use social media tools to schedule some tweets and posts. Follow any relevant contacts including those that have followed you.  Like and share relevant tweets and posts and comment on blogs that fit into your content themes.


Write a blog.

A weekly blog is a great discipline to follow.  If you know and understand your target audience, and have a clear content strategy this will be so much easier. Keyword research will help you to understand the topics and pain points those people are searching for help with. If you find it easy to write, that’s great.  If you struggle to get coherent ideas together, work with a specialist content agency to help bring your ideas to life.


Communicate with your prospects and customers

Customers need to hear from you as well as your prospects.  A customer newsletter or round up email can keep your name in front of the right people. If you can segment and personalise this communication so much the better.  Offering content that provides useful insight or solves a problem is likely to be more well-read than updates about you and your business (although there could be a place for that to your customer base)


Create a campaign around fresh content.

You need to keep your message and content fresh. Determining what your next content ‘theme’ should be is ideally something you would determine based on questions your prospects and customers are asking.  Ideally you want to create a premium content piece that prospects would be prepared to offer their contact details for in exchange for the insight it offers.  Around that you can create blogs, social and emails to drive traffic to it and create awareness.

Six monthly

Review your results.  Look at what’s working and what’s not.  What blogs have attracted the most hits, and what content has been the most downloaded?  What posts have been liked, shared and retweeted?  Use this to refine your strategy. Arguably this should be an on-going activity but formalising it twice a year can help to provide focus and set budgets and priorities for the coming months.

The benefits

Creating a regular rhythm for your marketing offers a tremendous advantage to your business. 

Not all of your prospects will be in ‘active’ buying mode at any one time, so spreading your marketing activity across the year increases the chance that you will hit them at the right time. But keeping your brand in front of those passive buyers is important too, so when the time is right for them to make a move, your name is the one they think of.

Stay targeted and relevant in your messaging and the benefits will be cumulative. For more ideas to enhance your marketing activities, why not download our ebook?

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