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Get better returns from your webinars

For anyone who has delivered a webinar, you already know that this type of marketing activity can be resource-intensive and tricky to co-ordinate across the business. But as an event, the webinar is powerful, flexible and can offer good return on your marketing investment. Here are a few short takeaways to keep in mind when you are planning, promoting and delivering your event.

Tell your story in a series

Rather than creating stand-alone content for each webinar, think bigger. Plan a series of events around a campaign theme that tells a story and takes the viewer on a journey. This way you are providing more value to your audience and create greater buy-in from those who register. What’s more, these webinars will become an integral part of your wider content marketing collateral library.

Keep it short

By delivering your message in a series of events, you don’t have to squeeze everything into one session. Break down the content into bite sized chunks. Your audience may tune in for the live event but there will be many viewers who want to watch on demand. By keeping the content short, the audience is more likely to stay engaged and will be ready for the next instalment.

Repurpose in multiple formats

You can present your webinar content in a variety of formats as part of a campaign. Turn your slide deck into a stand-alone, downloadable PDF document for those who prefer to digest content offline. Draft a blog post to present the key points in the discussion. Create fact sheets that support the content. And don’t forget white papers, press releases, articles and case studies as part of a complete suite of collateral. The webinar doesn’t have to do all of the communication work on its own and its value doesn’t end after the live event.

Consider your audience and adapt

Webinars are a useful tool to communicate with customers as well as prospects. Perhaps you have a product or service announcement, or want to showcase your product roadmap vision. The webinar platform provides the flexibility to invite two-way communication with your audience, should it be appropriate. Live Q&A can add richness to your prepared content and gives participants a greater sense of involvement in the discussion.

Follow up and nurture

As part of any good content marketing strategy, the follow-up is vital. Not everyone who registers for your webinar will be a hot lead, but this type of engagement is a valuable step in the buyer’s journey that helps them get better informed about your company, your offering and your brand. Make sure you have the right lead nurture paths set up to identify new contacts from existing and continue to feed supporting information to those individuals in the following weeks and months.

The trusty webinar is not going anywhere soon. These events are cost-effective, relatively easy to deliver and, with the right content, extremely engaging. But to get the results you want, make sure they are integrated into your wider campaign activity and backed up by supporting materials.


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Sarah Dinneen

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