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Email branding - the missing link in the marketing mix

What do we mean by 'email branding'?

When you think about email branding, what comes to mind? Are you imagining colourful templates, company logos and standardized signatures? You’re right – sort of. Like most people in most companies, we send a lot of email. Whether it’s to existing customers, prospects or partners, we’re sending email all the time from our desks, our mobiles and our tablets. And, for the most part, we’re a likeable bunch, so people open our emails, read the content and act upon it in some way, shape or form. Now, imagine you could add just a tiny little bit more 'data' to each email to turn it into a potential lead generator…

Email branding isn’t about giving you standardised signatures and logos, though that’s part of it. We’re talking about interactive banners. Lots of them. All with hot-clickable zones that you control. Each click takes the end user to a specific piece of content, your website or a landing page. So all that content you’ve generated suddenly gets a new lease of life and you get to extend its reach.

Why we implemented email branding for everyday email

Firstly, we wanted to have another avenue for our content (we’re a content agency after all). And secondly, we like the geeky idea of seeing who opens, clicks and reads our everyday email without sending bulk email too often (although we do use email marketing as part of our own mix, too). Plus, we really like the ROI stats we’ve been seeing – well, it all comes down to the numbers at the end of the day.

What’s involved? 

We have created a range of banners which feature different pieces of content: a couple of eBooks, one video case study, and some featured blog posts. For the video case study, we didn’t want the customer receiving their own testimonial each time we send them an email, so the clever email branding software we use enables us to prevent specific email domains receiving that banner. And, every time we create a new campaign, a new banner is created too, so it’s part of the project plan.


We get access to a dashboard with fantastic analytics about who’s opening, clicking and seeing the content. Imagine the possibilities it brings for your content library – not to mention the benefit of having consistent, standardised email signatures for your entire organisation. No more random logo shapes and sizes. No more odd icons. And definitely no little Christmas trees when it gets close to the festive season. You control that too.

Email branding is part of our content calendar, as you would expect. We like it because it keeps working to promote the content we produce (even if we forget to!).

To find out more about, why not read the new ebook 'Discover Digital Marketing's Best-Kept Secret' by the company behind our email branding solution, Rocketseed. And if you like what you see, why not give them a call to see what they can do for you?

Download the Rocketseed ebook here


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