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Consistent creative compliments your campaigns

Not even company has well-developed brand guidelines, so you may have a certain amount of flexibility in the way you present your marketing content. But that doesn’t mean you should be inconsistent with your output.

We’d always recommend working with a good designer who can take what guidelines you have and create a unique ‘look’ for all your collateral. It pays to play the long game and work with the same people for all your campaigns if possible, rather than chopping and changing. You’ll soon find your own preferred style for icons, graphics, fonts and imagery. You’ll also get a lot of re-use out of these artwork elements and will start to create an individual identity for all your content.

Consider the whole campaign

When planning a campaign, think about artwork requirements across all assets. Whatever you’re planning for your ebook or infograpahic (just for example), make sure the theme carries through to your promotional emails, adverts and social media visuals. Allow each campaign to have it’s own concept and don’t be afraid to inject personality into it, as long as it fits your style and doesn’t go against your brand values.

Reuse widely

You can also use many artwork elements like icons and graphics in your presentations and other internal documents, which gives you even broader re-use and greater value from your investment in the creative. But don’t go nuts – less is more, especially in PowerPoint.

Don’t underestimate the design process

There will be times when you prepare certain pieces of artwork yourself, but where possible use a designer who knows what they are doing. That way you can be sure you have optimised your layout and got the right file size/type for your needs. Whether that’s a simple email signature or an advert for an event guide, don’t underestimate the design ‘thinking’ that goes into each piece.

Make all your collateral shine

We’re seeing a lot more infographics in circulation now. These are a rich source of design elements that you can use re-use again and again. When it comes to designing your infographic, take the opportunity to create minigraphics at the same time that can be used to promote the main piece on social media.

Ebooks are a great way to tell your story. Working with a designer on these projects is well worth the investment in time and effort, as this format is visually led and should be a quick read. You’ll soon start to see consistency in your visual style – whether photography or graphics.

That applies to solution sheets and data sheets too – even if content is more technical, apply the same design elements to maintain consistency. After all, these assets will be viewed as part of a nurture campaign and therefore must fit in with the look and feel of preceding pieces of collateral.

Bring it all together

Consistent creative will make your campaigns stand out in the market, and your collateral library will look joined up, professional and convincing. A good designer is worth the investment – you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can generate a suite of materials that you can be proud of.

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