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How to overcome writer’s block

Have you hit a (copywriting) wall?

Mid-campaign writer’s block can be a nightmare for any content marketer. We’ve all been there and there is nothing more frustrating than struggling to write when deadlines are looming. But it’s not a reflection of your writing ability – it’s about hitting a wall and not being about to get past it. When it happens, what can you do to kick-start the thought processes and get your pen moving swiftly across the page once more?

Back away from the screen

While we mentioned the pen moving swiftly across the page, we know that most of us use our laptops to plan, draft, write and edit copy. But when copy isn’t flowing, pen and paper might be the answer to your woes. Pick up a pen, and let the words flow.

Move on to something else

It might just be that you’ve run out of steam, particularly if you’re working on a multi-step, integrated campaign. Rather than beat your head against a wall, try switching to another piece for the campaign. Or get your head out of it completely by working on short-form, quick-win content for another campaign such as emails, blog posts or social media.


If you’ve lost focus, or you can’t seem to find your way forward, go back to your original research and plan. Use a mind map to help you find it again. Try using sticky notes or a whiteboard to refresh an outline and get a different perspective.

Go surfing

Well, not literally. Instead, turn to the Internet for inspiration. Whether your favourite online places to find inspiration are news sites, blogs or social media channels, it’s worth taking a few minutes away from ‘trying too hard’ to start the creative juices flowing. Just remember, you can’t surf all day though – just long enough to find your mojo again.

Brainstorm with colleagues

Grab a coffee and a couple of colleagues then brainstorm some fresh ideas. Your team might welcome the break from their current task, and they’re likely to have a new take on what you’re doing.

When you’ve got a campaign deadline ahead of you, writer’s block is the last thing you need to worry about. Hopefully, these tips will help you get past that obstacle. Do you have other ideas? Why not share your top tips for combatting writers block with us.

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