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Is content marketing ‘the new black’ for sales?

So, content marketing is ‘the new black’, right? Why is that happening? And what does that mean for those of us in sales?

Content is king copyIf you’ve read anything about marketing recently, or you’ve seen some of the reports, you’ll have seen the stats about the changes in buyer behaviour. Put simply, it means that marketing had to reinvent itself to respond to the buyers in a different way than before. For the sales team it should be good news all around, especially if you’re working with your marketing team closely.

So what’s changed?  And what’s the significance to those of us who ‘own the number’?

1. It’s all about the journey.
Talk to your existing customers to understand how they came to buy from you. Work closely with marketing to set up content strategy that reflects and supports their journey and what interests them. The effort will yield better results, more conversions and increased revenue.

2. It’s not about you (or your company or your product)
Your prospects care very little about your needs and more about their own, so relevance is key to building those relationships. Understanding your prospects’ pain points, previous interactions with your company and knowing what is important to them can make all the difference.

3. You’re not in charge now.
The prospect is. It’s their journey. You can (with relevant content and messaging in your back pocket) lead or influence the touch points, but it’s still their journey, not yours.

4. Research, research, research.
A prospect has likely spent many hours researching their issue. They’ve reached your company’s website during those many hours of research, so by the time you get in front of them, you should be armed with the same depth of information about them, their company and their pain points.

5. Referrals are king.
Your role in sales has changed too – you’re also responsible for delivering great customer experience to set you apart from your competitors. Those case studies you hate so much are more important now than ever before. Referral advertising, done well, (as part of the content marketing strategy) is difficult to beat.

We might have over simplified and used slightly tongue in cheek ideas, but we think you’ll get the picture. Sales and marketing are both responsible for making the buyer’s journey reach a successful conclusion. We need each other. So, if content marketing is the new black, then it’s the new black for all of us.

Feel free to let us know your thoughts and if you have any strong feelings about this. We’re always happy to receive your comments and feedback.

About the Author: Diana Tucker

Diana Tucker

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