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Best practice - copywriting for the web


Having watched the The Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Practical Insights webinar ('Copywriting for the web') recently, there were certain tips and ideas that struck a cord with us in the office. Firstly, we have to give credit to CIM for putting the webinar on and secondly credit to Tracey Pearcy for sharing her materials.

Copywriting for the web is an art in itself. Well, we think so. But, it’s very easy to forget rules, to create text for creating’s sake and to lose your original aims and objectives as you write…er, where was I?

We live in an ‘on demand’ world – we all know what that me

ans by now. So, we need to adopt that ‘on demand’ thinking in our website copy.

According to Ms Pearcey you have less than 60 seconds to engage a reader on your website before they bounce. Yes, 60 seconds.

Your copy, therefore, needs to be snappy and well spaced. It needs to be easy to scan and easy to see how to get more details if needed. But avoid the ‘click heres’. We should all know what we’re doing with hyperlinks now, don’t we?

How many times do you get carried away when writing? Do you lose yourself in your own messaging quickly? If you do, then your readers will too. Paragraphs should have less than four lines of text to engage the reader and encourage them to carry on.

When planning for your web copy, think about why the reader is there. Did they reach your page because they are looking for something in particular? Or did they reach the page because you have a great inbound campaign running? So, once you’ve got the reader, you need to avoid boasting about your company – it’s irrelevant and that’s not why the reader is there. Don’t laugh, but some companies still do that and it’s a big no-no. We need to keep our copy relevant.

Avoid using superfluous words. Keep it short. Don’t use a million and one words, to say something you can say with a few (like we just did).

It’s easy to get bogged down in the detail, so step back and review with fresh eyes. Or work with us, let us be your eyes.

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Diana Tucker

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