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Taking Stock - The B2B Content Marketing Report 2013

The recent publication of the B2B Content Marketing Report 2013 has given us a lot to think about here at Marketing Fusion. Grab a coffee, download the report and have a read. As content marketers, we have found a few of the statistics quite surprising (in an eyebrow raising way). Let’s see if we can summarise why that is while you have that coffee.

More than 82% of marketers are increasing their content production over the next 12 months

That’s a good sign (speaking selfishly!). If marketers are investing in their content marketing, it means that there’s a strategy in place and content is high on the agenda for the coming months.

30% of marketers don’t categorise content by buying stage

Whoa! Really? That goes against the grain for us. Surely, when you’re starting the process of building a content strategy you’ve been through existing content, you’ve plotted your buyer personas and the buyer journey/stages and you’ve created your content plan according to those stages? The research suggests that that’s not the process for all of you.

16% of marketers don’t systemically segment content

OK, so that number is down on last year (phew!), but it’s still pointing to a few areas that require attention in building the content strategy. We would ask if you’re not segmenting, what was the original purpose of creating the content in the first place?

Content success starts with audience relevance (71%)

It stands to reason that if we’ve got the strategy in place, we’ve identified our audiences, and we’ve segmented the content correctly that we’ll get the results we expect – whether that’s web traffic, views/downloads, sales opportunities or leads. (You did set objectives, didn’t you?)

The vast majority of marketers create content from scratch (93%)

Most of us, it would seem, are creating new content from scratch. That’s huge. We’re big fans of new content creation (well, as a content marketing specialist, of course we are). But, we’re not fans of waste. Our advice would be to look at the pieces of content you’ve already got in your arsenal (part of a content audit perhaps?), how successful they those pieces been and whether it would make sense to ‘recycle’ the core messages and information by looking at other formats.

According to the research, whitepapers are declining in popularity. We don’t think they are declining for certain audiences. But that comes back to your buyer stages and to creating content for your particular audience segment). Just don’t limit what formats you use to engage your audience.

There’s a lot more detail in the report, these are just the stats that peaked our interest (for obvious reasons). While content marketing is here to stay (that’s a relief), there’s still a lot to learn and a lot of best practice to adopt. We are always happy to chat about why!

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