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About Sarah Dinneen

B2B data management tips and insights

By Sarah Dinneen | August 07, 2015
Our resident expert discusses best practices for handling marketing data We’d like to introduce Sandra Plunkett, our data specialist and secret weapon at Marketing Fusion. In […]

Finding your brand’s tone of voice

By Sarah Dinneen | July 28, 2015
As a B2B organisation you may think that it is not really suitable to inject too much personality into your brand. You want to be perceived as a professional, reliable […]

A content marketing success story

By Sarah Dinneen | May 22, 2015
Here at Marketing Fusion we’re huge advocates of content marketing as a strategic approach to both brand development and lead generation. We’ve worked with many clients who […]

Getting started with marketing segmentation

By Sarah Dinneen | April 30, 2015
In our recent blog post we talked about testing and the difference it can make to your email marketing performance. Segmentation can do the same. In this post, we’ll talk […]

Get better returns from your webinars

By Sarah Dinneen | October 27, 2014
For anyone who has delivered a webinar, you already know that this type of marketing activity can be resource-intensive and tricky to co-ordinate across the business. But as […]


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