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How to maximise your partner marketing efforts

By Sarah Dinneen | March 08, 2017
For many companies, the channel is a vital source of income and one that can make a huge difference to annual results. But the effectiveness of your channel business is […]

Why bother with buyer personas in marketing strategy?

By Sarah Dinneen | February 28, 2017
Defining your buyer personas is a key part of your marketing strategy, yet many people still don’t bother to do it. Instead they prefer to send out one blanket message to […]

Why does content marketing fail?

By Sarah Dinneen | February 26, 2016
A couple of weeks ago we published a blog post explaining that we believe content marketing is not just another bandwagon – it is a worthwhile strategy that deserves business […]

Are you giving away too much in your content marketing?

By Sarah Dinneen | February 18, 2016
Inform, educate and empower. I wrote those words in my last blog post to describe what we feel content marketing needs to do in order to be effective. It’s especially true in […]

Why content marketing isn’t just another bandwagon

By Sarah Dinneen | February 01, 2016
We’ve recently seen a few blogs about measuring the true value of content marketing, and whether it actually delivers any value at all. That got us at Marketing Fusion […]

When content goes global, what do you need to consider?

By Sarah Dinneen | December 04, 2015
These days there are few barriers to international business, even for smaller companies. With a good website and proposition, there’s no reason why you can’t target a global […]

Consistent creative compliments your campaigns

By Sarah Dinneen | November 09, 2015
Not even company has well-developed brand guidelines, so you may have a certain amount of flexibility in the way you present your marketing content. But that doesn’t mean you […]

P*ss poor planning… well, you know the rest

By Sarah Dinneen | November 02, 2015
When it comes to launching any kind of lead generation campaign, the first thing you need to ask yourself is, “What do I want to get out of this?” And the next thing you need […]

How do you create real leads from content marketing?

By Sarah Dinneen | October 20, 2015
Content marketing has redefined the relationship that many businesses have with their customers and prospects. We now recognise that it’s not enough to publish brochures and […]
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