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A word about content marketing

There have been a number of blog posts and articles recently about the sheer volume of content being proliferated across email, social media and the internet. A key challenge for marketers therefore, lies in making content stand out, get shared and engage prospects.

So what type of content works best? 

We’re sorry to say there’s no ‘one size fits all’, no magic recipe or secret formula. We can’t tell you what will appeal to each reader, or each of your buyer personas as we all (you and I included) consume content in different ways.

It’s just as important to ensure your content is easy to read – no matter what format it takes – eBook, white paper, blog, email, brochure, article, podcast, slideware etc. Jargon should be kept to an absolute minimum, as should acronyms and overly technical terms (not forgetting the clichés).

To share or not to share?

Whatever form your content takes, make it easy to share – send to a friend, share it now buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn (or any other social network you use) are the popular sharing mechanisms. But, if you’re sharing content, are you making sure that it’s going to be seen the way you want it to? In my everyday life I will happily switch between laptop, desktop, mobile and tablet, depending on where I am working at the time. I’m easily frustrated by content that doesn’t display correctly.

Get your hooks in early

It’s also worth noting that with more content around our audience will scan many pieces quickly before deciding whether to read further – so it’s essential to get your ‘hooks’ in up front.

And, if you produce content regularly, you’ll know it’s not all about you any more – it’s about the customer. It’s about saying something that with inspire, educate, engage and incite action. And, whether that action is to read on, seek additional information, visit your website or share your content, it’s is up to you to decide, before you start writing.

Shorter attention spans?

We’re all looking for ways to make our content stand out, and to make it work for our businesses. Understanding your target audience, how they buy, what motivates them and having a solid content strategy will help. Shorter, punchier, snappier content will work wonders on those early stages of the buying cycle, especially where we all have shorter attention spans.

Why not have a look at our other blog posts, or download our eBook for some other tips and ideas? Alternatively, give us a call to chat through what you’re trying to achieve with your content marketing. We don’t bite!

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Diana Tucker

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